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"Finding Your New Normal: Grieving & Healing from The Trauma of Loss"!"


ARRAS Interview | View It Here

ARRAS Interview | View It Here

I had the privilege of being invited to be one of ten interviewees for ARRAS, an enterprise dedicated to promoting "Women's Stories that encourage women & provide resources needed to achieve success". The entire experience was fantastic and will be made available on HBO and Netflix in the near future. Thank you for including me ARAAS!

About ARRAS.
INVEST in Women!
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Arras, the Docuseries, is the CATALYST to engage, equip, educate & empower women 1. Engagement - Humans want to be around other humans that believe in them. Engagement is so powerful. 2. Equipped - How do you feel when you have the tools that lead you to success? People who are equipped have a greater sense of confidence & are able to achieve success. 3. Empowered - to have authority to achieve

My Recent Article in the Conejo Valley Lifestyle Magazine

"Life After Tragedy"

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We have been beset with back to back tragedies that had a profound impact on many people in this area and across the country. Tragedy of any magnitude, close and personal, or nationally memorialized, can be debilitating. From mild empathetic anxiety to complete loss of the ability to function normally, we all must find the tools and support systems to deal with inevitable tragedies. In this article I outline various methodologies for tacking the nemesis of tragedy and also provide information about various support groups and mechanisms for those of us need a helping hand to get back on our feet. As always, I am here for you if you feel the need for a one on one or group counseling environment to get over one of life's hurdles.

I look forward to helping you look forward.