My Mission

Deliberation by Sanchez Nevado

Fatigue | Hopelessness | Daily struggles. Sadly, nearly everyone faces these challenges and at times they can seem overwhelming. No matter how insurmountable your obstacles may appear, my goal is to help you find a pathway over, around, and sometimes directly through, these debilitating feelings and on to a better future. I am passionate about working with individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, addiction, complex trauma, PTSD, grief/loss, chronic pain, and chronic mental illness. My formal education and my practice over the years at several substance abuse treatment centers and dual-diagnosis facilities in Southern California have given me the tools and experience to provide the guidance and encouragement to help you get past any debilitating issues and on to a brighter future.

Asking for help is a difficult and admirable positive action. I commend you on taking this essential first step on your journey of healing, happiness, self-discovery, and luminous clarity. My multifaceted counseling and therapeutic method draws from both clinical and holistic practices to develop a pathway forward that is custom tailored to each individual’s circumstances and needs. I strive to create the distinctive recipe for your path to complete wellness.

I look forward to speaking with you and thank you in advance for including me in your journey of healing.

Email | phone: 310.697.6264